Personal Injury

If you suffer injuries as a result of an accident the first thing you should always do is seek medical treatment for your injuries.

Initiating personal injury claims in Ireland need not be difficult. It is understandable that despite your right to compensation you might relinquish this because it all seems too complicated. However, it is not.

We have over 35 years’ experience in providing personal injury legal services. We ensure that personal injury claimants achieve the best possible outcome that the law will permit. 

We make a commitment to every client to maximise their compensation and
to expedite the litigation process. We have a proven track record as
personal injury lawyers and strive to ensure that clients get the maximum compensation for your accident or injury.

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You may also be entitled to be compensated for loss of earnings, repair and replacement costs or any other losses attributable to your accident.
We would be delighted to offer you advice so please contact us to discuss your case in detail.